Confessions of a Goody Two-Shoes

Apr 14


Dan’s certificate recital for his flute thing is streaming right now and I just teared up because I’m ~proud of him~

I’ll probably delete this before he see this later because he’ll be embarrassed.

Also how great is technology that I was able to watch him play from a thousand miles away while I was using the bathroom.

crying because this happened

Mar 21

a modern day tragedy is the fact that one square of flooring in the sims is §2 but one room’s worth of flooring is like §35,478.

Mar 02

actor in movie: *beautiful inspiring groundbreaking performance*

same actor presenting an award: *cringe-worthy awkward 6th-grade talent show*

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Feb 19

The Boy Who Cried, “Woof!”
A Grindr Love Story

Jan 27

So my a cappella group which won 4th place at the final round of ICCA last year got somewhere between 5th-9th place at the quarterfinal round this year.

There’s a random draw for performance order and we went first. During sound check, our Music Director noticed he could barely hear us and asked if the mics could be turned up a lot but was told they couldn’t change anything. Fine, we can just do our best to get as close to the mics as possible since every other group is going to have to deal with the same thing.

We perform. People barely hear us. Second group performs. Suddenly the mics are 2-4 times louder and they are heard loud and clear. Same for third, fourth, so on. No one says anything. Not the sound engineers, not the judges, not the event coordinator. Our friends and family in the crowd frantically text us the entire night because they are fuming with anger.

Awards ceremony comes up, we receive nothing. Read our judging sheets, it’s literally like they didn’t hear our set at all. One commented on a non-existent rap. One said we should be having more fun when we were presenting images of depression and abuse. We left as quickly as we could and didn’t say anything to anyone.

Who knows, maybe we just sounded THAT bad after getting second place at a huge competition last semester and winning this round of competition for the past two years. Either way, this is a lesson for me that sometimes people just do not care at all about what they do and that I can’t be so afraid of doing or saying something about it. It’s going to be an interesting week.

Jan 10


me participating in class

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Dec 31

Also, I bought myself a Wii U for Christmas soooooo add me (danhollister) if that’s your thing I guess.

Dec 30

God, I am such a gay.

God, I am such a gay.

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Dec 26

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Dec 25